Hugh selection of pipes from all the famous brand marks. Below each brand, you will find the different series where there are many different models.
How do you manufacture pipes?
Pipes are hand carven by skilled craftsmen, trained in the art of pipe carving. The process requires skill, patience, eye for detail and a keen sence of shape.
A well designed pipe of superior quality, not only gives a great smoking experience, it also brings the feeling of having something unqie in hand, which tells a story of design, great craftmanship and quality – something exclusive.
What is the pipe made of?
Plateau-carven bruyere yealds the best looking pipes, and is by far the only choice for manufacturing pipes. The unusually high density of the wood makes it very heat resistant, and ensures that the pipes carven from it, lasts for generations, if smoked correctly. The lovely graining of the wood will change colours as time passes.

The best bruyere is found in remote regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The pipes are made from a root-like tuberous that grows at the top of heather plants. Bruyere root needs to be of a considerable size, and be atleast 40 years old before it is harvested for norman size pipe manufacturing. For larger pipes, the roots are 100 years or more old.
Due to this fact, it is getting increasingly difficult to obtain good quality bruyere, as it only grows in the wild, and cannot be grown artificially.
Who manufactures the best pipes?
Most people can learn the art of pipe-making by going into training with a pipemaker, but to truely master the art takes many years of hard work, skill and a keen eye for detail, as well as a true passion for the trade.
Savinelli Pipes from Italy adn Stanwell Pipes from Denmark are some of the manufacturers of high quality pipes, which befits most pipe smokers needs. The best quality pipes are created by Dunhill of England.

Which pipetobacco should i smoke?
When it all comes down to it, it is really a matter of personal preference, and not something we can dictate.
However, we recommend that you start with loosly cut, or mixed tobacco if you want a great smoking experience.
Mixed tobacco is a mix of different cuts and basic tobaccos.
The most common are Mac Baren Tobacco and Orlik Tobacco. Afterwards you can experiment with the more interesting pipetobaccos from My Own Blend, W. Ø. Larsen, Dunhill and Rattray’s
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