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Basic Tobaccos.


Virginiatobacco is by nature very sweet, with an aroma that varies depending on the maturity of the Tobacco.

It’s strength varies from very mild to moderately strong.

Burley Tobaccos.

Burleytobacco is strong, rich and relatively dry. It’s fine aroma, taste and strength is round and rich, almost nut-like. The smell is dry, aromatic and kind of chocolaty.

Oriental Tobaccos.

Oriental Tobaccos are typically very mild, lightly sweet, but with a strong aromatic flavour.

Latakia Tobaccos.

Latakia Tobaccos is mild, but has a strong aroma.

Kentucky Tobaccos.

Kentucky Tobaccos varies from medium to very strong. The flavour is smokey, rich and dry.

Periq Tobaccos.

Periq is the rarest of the basic Tobaccos. It’s strength and aroma is the strongest of all of the basics.

Cut types.

Flake (Sheet Tobacco)

Flake is a common term used for sheet Tobacco. The Tobacco blend is pressed to a hard sheet. The pressed Tobacco burns more slowly and in turn gives the smoker a much cooler smoke to inhale. The smoke is richer, but the taste is milder.

Flake Tobacco takes care and practice when loading and smoking. Examples of flake: Mac Baren Navy Flake, Blue Capstan Flake, Friburg & Treyer Brown Flake.

Cut Plug.

Cut Plug is broken up sheet Tobacco, so as to give the mix Little pieces of Tobacco. This makes loading the pipe easyer, but the Tobacco still holds the flavour qualities of Flake.

Examples of Cut Plug: Mac Baren Vanilla Loose Cut, W. Ø. Larsen Maple Mixture no. 50 (formerly Selected Blend no. 50), Gul Capstan Cut Plug.

Spun Cut.

Spun Cut is as the name suggests a spun Tobacco. This is a relatively rare cut type because of the costs related to producing it.

Example of Spun Cut: Three Nuns

Loose Cut.

This cut type is not pressed, and is only cut once. This makes for a very Loose Tobacco which is very easy to load – a great Tobacco type choice for the novice.

Examples of Loose Cut: Mac Baren 7 Seas Regular, W. Ø. Larsen 1864, Gul West Gate

Cross Cut.

Granulated Tobacco, or ”Cross Cut” is a cut type that is very easy to load, and burns easily.


Mixtures is a blend of different basic Tobaccos and cut types. It typically consists of a large amount of Loose cut Virginia Tobacco, mixed with ready rubbed Burley.

Examples of Mixtures: Dunhill My Mixture 965, Dunhill Standard Mixture

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