Stanwell Pipes

Stanwell Pipes

Stanwell pipes are by far the most commonly known brand of pipes in Denmark at the moment.

There are numerous series and models – great quality, at an afordable Price.

You know exactly what you get, when you purchase a Stanwell pipe – great quality at an afordable Price.

The brand Stanwell was started by Poul Nielsen in 1942, where he started his own production. As World War II made the import of bruyere to Denmark impossible, Poul fashioned his first pipe, model 32 Bulldog, from Beech Wood, which became very popular, and still is to this day.

Poul Nielsen named his pipe brand Stanwell, and later changed his own lastname to Standwell.

The logo is the word Stanwell, with an old British inspired horse carrige above. On the mouthpiece is an ”S” with a Crown above.

On the modern Company logo, the horsecarrige is removed, but the ”S” remains on the pipes.

A lot of high profile pipe makers such as Sixten Ivarsson, Winslow, Tom Eltang, Nanna Iversson and Manduela has worked for Stanwell over the years, and have all helped create their iconic models, which were all produced on their factory in Borup, up until 2010.

In 2010 production was moved to Italy, with the exception of a few special models.

Examples of models that are still produced in Denmark:

Apple: It’s basic shape is like the Billard, but has a straight neck and the mouthpiece is perpendicular to the head of the pipe.

The pipe head is an apple-like shape, and is the most dense in the bottom, which gives thicker walls and a pipehead that is less warm to hold, but this in turn makes for more heavy pipe, compared to the Billard.

The tobacco chamber is about one and a half times wider than it is broard. This pipe model is very well suited for the moister types of tobacco that demands higher temperatures to burn. The relatively shallow depth of the chamber is also convenient when placing and smoking flake tobacco.

Billard: This classic and most common kind of pipe has a straight, round, pipeneck which sits perpendicularly mounted on the pipehead. The pipehead is a cylendrical shape with a rounded, egg shaped bottom. The pipe tip is straight and the pipe neck and pipe tip is about the same length.

The tobacco chamber is about twice as deep as broard – this is a really good all-around pipemodel.

Bent: The “Bent” is in its basic form like the Billard, but the pipe neck is crooked as is the pipe tip to match. This crooked-shape pipe is a great choice for the more experienced pipe smoker, as it sits comfortably in the mouth for extended periods of time, whereas the inexperienced smoker might have a hard time keeping the pipe neck dry from saliva when smoking.

Bulldog: A very popular pipe with a short tip, the neck is a square shape which sits perpendicular on the round and quite shallow pipe head. The bottom of the pipe head is like the neck, also squared, and on it’s broardest has two narrow indentations. This is a very rustic pipe model, that due to it’s short and compact form, is very sturdy and fits neatly in a pocket. It is well suited for outdoor usage, has a good weight balance, and sits comfortably in the mouth.

Canadian: Looks like a Billard at first glance, but its tip and neck are ovally shaped, and the neck and is quite a bit longer.

Dublin: Irish pipe type, inspired by the clay pipe shape. It has a straight pipe tip and neck which are more forwardly leaned on the pipehead.

Lovat: Has a chamber like the Billard, longer pipe neck, and a very short tip made from saddle horn. It’s a great outdoors pipe with a very good balance.

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